Your HP EliteBook 8730w is one of the largest mobile workstations offered by the house of HP. It is equipped with an attractive design and robust outlook along with attractive features. Its powerful Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 Processor, 1GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M Workstation GPU and 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM are enough to handle complex and tricky tasks with ease. Despite being equipped with state of the art features you may require reinstalling the operating system (OS) on your HP EliteBook 8730w. You require doing this in case the OS gets corrupt due to a virus attack, accidental deletion of important system files or upgradation of the system. Although it is not always easy to install an OS on your HP EliteBook 8730 but you can do this if you keep in mind certain important things as discussed below.

Different ways of installation

There are two ways of installing an OS on your HP EliteBook 8730w laptop.

You can choose either of the ways that depends upon your requirement. It depends upon the kind of installation you want to do. The first and easier way of installing OS is to upgrade the existing one on your system. In this kind of installation you can easily undo your actions if something goes wrong.

Another way of installing OS on your HP EliteBook 8730w is the fresh installation after removing the existing version. This takes less space on your hard disk as compared to the one discussed above. This is a clean installation that is far more reliable than simple upgradation of the OS. It is advised by tech support professionals to opt for a clean installation of OS for better speed and performance.

Format the hard drive to delete the root directory

For a clean installation of OS on your HP EliteBook 8730w mobile workstation, you first require to change the boot sequence of the system and then booting it with a bootable CD-ROM.

It checks all your hardware and prompts you to give the path to the location where you want to install the OS. You need to format the hard drive in case you have already installed with an OS to delete the root directory. Hard drive formatting is a favorable option because it will remove all infections and create new sectors on your hard drive that is very helpful in improving speed and performance of your system.

Careful formatting of the root drive

You need to exercise caution while you format the hard drive and make sure that you don’t end up deleting the partitions as it can create major issues for the OS. Moreover, for a smooth installation of OS on your HP EliteBook 8730w, you must know that you will be prompted to restart the system many times during the installation.

Although, by keeping the above facts in mind while installing the OS on your system you will be able to do it successfully but problems cannot be ruled out entirely. If you face issues during installation or want it to be done through experts then the best way is to consult an experienced computer support service provider. Technicians from such agencies are specially trained and certified to handle issues with HP laptops.

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