The practice which according to the party started in the Second Republic after the overthrow of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah through to the Fourth Republic, had contributed to the poor performance of the party in general elections over the past years.

Mr. Bernard Monnah, General Secretary of the party, expressed the sentiment at the weekend during the Central Regional Delegates’ Congress in Cape Coast where new officers of the party for the region were elected.

Mr. Monnah indicated that the NDC and the NPP had both failed Ghana, and that it was time Ghanaians gave the PNC the nod, because the constant poaching of its members showed that they had competent men to turn the fortunes of the country around.

He, therefore, admonished party faithful and supporters to remain steadfast, and reject the huge monetary offers coming from other political parties aimed at wooing them to their side, to ensure that the party did not lose its relevance on the Ghanaian political landscape.

“The PNC as a party has suffered enough poaching from other political parties and this did not start in the Fourth Republic. It started way back at the Second Republic. Even in the Third Republic, some elements were responsible for the overthrow of Dr. Limann, because some PNC members had to tie with the opposition to cause disagreement in the Limann administration.”

Mr. Monnah added that the same practice master-minded the ‘vote of no confidence’ passed by the Third Republican Parliament, as some members of the PNC who were the majority in Parliament then were lured out of Parliament when voting on the budget was on-going.

He cited the case of Ambrose Dery and many other instances where keen PNC members were poached and indicated that many attempts were still being made to get some of them out of the party to other political parties which he said was worrying.

“Ambrose Dery was eventually taken by Kufuor as Deputy Attorney-General when he was the lawyer for Malam Issah. In Upper West. The three seats ever won by the NPP were all members of PNC, and former MP for Wa East was a staunch PNC member poached from us. Obviously the PNC has suffered poaching and it has not stopped.”

“I am aware that attempts have been made severally to get Kobbs Tongo and other Executives out of the PNC, but these individuals have maintained the course of the party.”

He urged the newly-elected officers to remain united, work with respect, oneness and dignity, with which he believed would help the party to win more parliamentary seats in the region and the nation at large.

Mr. MacDonald Kobbs Tongo, Sammy Adefioye, Kwesi Kawkaw, Celestine Nyeremwin and Offin Amaniampong, were all unanimously elected as Regional Chairman, Secretary, Organizer, Women’s Organizer and Youth Organizer respectively.

The elected Regional Chairman, Mr. MacDonald Kobbs Tongo thanked the delegates for the confidence reposed in them, and pledged to work hard to make the party a stronger force in the region and the country at large.


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