Mr Hassan Ayariga the Presidential Candidate of the People?s National Convention (PNC), assured the Ghanaian?electorates? that a future PNC government will deeply involve the physically challenged in its scheme of policy activities.

Hassan Ayariga
Hassan Ayariga

He pointed out that the PNC policy on the physically challenged will ensure that they take their rightful place in the society, adding that the PNC would introduce a disability policy for Ghana.??The policy would, among other things, allow the physically challenged to take leadership positions and play front-line roles in politics and the management of the economy.?

According to him the physically challenged have been left out by all political parties, but the PNC will come and restore hope ?and we in the PNC believe that people with disability have so much potential,? he said.

Mr Ayariga said the PNC was the best party to discover those potentials and added that the PNC would adopt the right programmes to empower the physically challenged.

He explained that the PNC would give them vocational, technical and other skills training.

Aside that, he said, the physically challenged would also be trained in entrepreneurship and farming.

The PNC, he said, would under the policy introduce programmes to make them mobile across the length and breadth of the country.

The PNC flag bearer indicated that the policy would also take care of those on the streets, adding that the unemployment benefit initiative to be introduced by the PNC would also be used to take care of the physically challenged in the society.

Mr Ayariga said such persons that operated on the streets were exposing their lives to danger and the PNC would absorb all of them in the policy programme.

?We think the national cake should be shared equally to also take care of the physically challenged,? he said.

He said they would definitely be absorbed into the working class under the PNC.

Mr Ayariga said the PNC would sponsor some of them to go to school as well as train them in Information and Communication Technology as part of its programme for them.


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