Cameroon and Chad

Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on Tuesday stressed on the need to use culture to promote peace and unity in the face of growing insecurity and crisis.

“This year’s national cultural and artistic season comes at a time when there is unrest of various kinds,” Ngute told the launch of the National Artistic and Cultural Season in the capital, Yaounde. “In the face of this uncertain situation, values such as peace, tolerance and togetherness appear to be one of the major challenges humanity has to face.”


“The matter of loving our country above everything else for the advent of a just, stable and prosperous society is primordial. This underlines the crucial role culture plays in the life of our nation,” he said.

Promoters of culture need to enhance “the spirit of living together” in all forms and activities, especially as the country faces a separatist crisis in its two English-speaking regions, Ngute said. Enditem


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