The Exmoor holiday cottages are a very popular destination and one that is preferred by a large number of tourists each year for various reasons. The place has attractive sites all around and there is so much to do while you are holidaying here that you are surely not going to be satisfied by the time your vacation is over. These are ideally located and there are various modes of travel that are available depending on your convenience and pocket. Below are mentioned some of the activities the place is quite famous for:


There is a wide range of activities that the place is famous for and the youngsters would surely want to come to this place and have a blast. Those who love enjoying plenty of physical activities during their vacation would surely find the Exmoor holiday cottages the ideal holiday destination.

Teenagers would surely want to go riding and cycling in the Exmoor National Park to explore the Tarr Steps as well as the Barle River. There is also the option to go sailing at the Wimbleball Reservoir as well as go partying at the amazing pubs at Withypool, Exford and Simonsbath. The Croyd bay shall offer those staying at the Exmoor holiday cottages a wonderful chance to go surfing or go cycling along the Tarka trail. There are so many wonderful beaches all around the place like the ones at Saunton Sands and Woolacombe where there are plenty of water sporting activities to be enjoyed.

For adventure sports lovers and those who get a thrill out of physical activities there are lots of things to do like shooting, trekking, hiking and even horse-riding along the beautiful countryside.


A lot of people love to explore the place they are vacationing at and they would surely not be disappointed during their stay at the Exmoor holiday cottages.

Tourists who enjoy bird-watching would have a good time gazing at the lovely collection of birds around the entire place thanks to the large areas covered by trees and the greenery. There is also a chance to capture the flying hawks on film in the area which is surely a magnificent sight. Nature lovers would enjoy strolling through the wonderful gardens like the ones at the Royal Horticultural society, National Trust, Arlington Court and Heddon hall.


The North Molton Village is not too far from the Exmoor holiday cottages and can be conveniently reached. This village has very nice pubs and restaurants that people staying nearby would surely enjoy paying a visit to. The food served here is more often than not prepared from the fresh village produce and you can sense that freshness while enjoying a nice dinner here. This place also has a large number of shops that offer you grocery for your self-catering cottages, meat products, milk products as well as a large number of banks and sports goods shops.

So, do not think much and head to the Exmoor holiday cottages this summer to have an enjoyable time with people who are close to you.

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