Global report indicates that a woman dies every 69 seconds from breast cancerous infection every day.

The 25th of October of every year is marked as the united nation day which is also marked as the International breast cancer awareness month.

Ghana has been ranked10th in Africa for breast cancer burden and breast cancer cases as the leading majority of women being maligned.

As part of efforts to safeguard the situation, Golden Star Resources with its Cooperate social responsibility in collaboration with the ladies club has organized a free breast cancer screening and medical outreach program for the people of Bogoso in the Western Region.

The free confidential breast screening program targeted community people as far as breast cancer infection is concern.

It also sought to inform, educate and treat breast cancer related to cases among the people.

Statistics available indicate that breast cancer is a leading cancer case in Ghana. In all related cancerous cases 15% are identified as breast cancer and 40% of women’s cancer.

Relatively, ages of developing cancer is younger in Ghana than USA. In Ghana almost???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????50% of identified cancer cases are usually in its advanced stages.

Recent research development has also proved that men are also victims of breast cancer infected cases.

But medical treatment and screening has noted that early detection is best for treatment to avoid further damage to the patient.

The Ladies Club of the Golden Star Resources Limited has taken the efforts to encourage women in the Bogoso-Prestia mining areas to sensitize them on the early detection, causes and treatment of cancer disease.

The group noted that early detection of the disease at the age of twenty through self-examination is possible and must be practiced by all.

Speaking on the theme, ‘Early detection is the best protection,’ Doctor Maritha Van Der Merwe described the cases as terrible to all women due to the trauma, pain and neglect by relations when affected.

She outlined the symptoms of breast cancer, saying that through early detection the disease can easily be identified through self-examination and urged women to report early for counseling and effective treatment.

She further advised participants in the screening program on the treatment of tumor to avoid spreading which can be effectively treated through surgery.

The Doctor of Health in charge of Bogoso-Prestea Huni Valley Caroline Otto commented management of the company for the initiatives to help alleviate the plight of women in the area against the fourth major cause of death in women globally.

In all a total of 345 women participated in the breast screening exercise held at the premises of the Bogos mines in the Western Region.

Maki Iddrissu, President of the ladies club of the Golden Star Resources Limited noted that they are committed towards the improvement of the lives of girls and women in the catchment areas of the Golden Star Resources in education, healthcare delivery and socializing for development.

Managing Director of Golden Star Resources limited Neale Laffin in his motivational address appreciated women and congratulated the ladies club of the company for their initiative to help improve the lives and wellbeing of women in the community through breast cancer screening the treatment program.

Neals Laffin further noted that the initiative has added another image to the company’s cooperate social responsibility and all funds raised would be donated to the Ghana Breast Care International accounts to support women in need.

The program dubbed the ”PINK RIBBON DAY” ended with a Chinese auction of some personal protective equipment of the company.



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