Electoral Commission (EC)
Electoral Commission (EC)

Residents of Pigbengben community in the Wa West District have appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to create a polling station in the community to enable them to participate in national elections with ease.

They said the poor road network, particularly the road leading to the current polling station at Nankpaanabule, compelled them to trek several distances before exercising their franchise.

Mr Yakubu Ankaah, Leader of the community, told the GNA that, “This year, we have made up our minds that we will not trek long distances risking our lives to Nankpaanabule community to vote again, if they don’t give us a polling station”.

He said the deprived community lagged behind in basic social facilities such as road infrastructure, health and education facilities and expressed the hope that creating a polling station for them would open the way for the provision of such facilities.

Meanwhile, Mr Ali Osman, the Upper West Regional Director of the EC, has advised the community leaders to apply to the Commission for assessment of the area for the necessary attention and possibly grant their request.

He said conditions such as inability of the electorate in a particular community to access the polling station to cast their ballots could warrant the creation of a new polling station without recourse to the voting populace.

He appealed to the community not to be issuing threats, but follow due process for their concerns to be addressed saying, “The EC is here to serve the communities”.

The country’s electoral governing body has scheduled December 17, 2019 for the district level election and referendum for the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.


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