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Fetish model trained her body to be that shape by wearing a corset for the past 7 years.

Most women dream of an hourglass figure, but for Kelly Lee Dekay, sculpting her waist has become an obsession. She was inspired by her favorite comic book characters, she shrunk her waist using a steel boned tight-laced corset. . .

The 27-year-old, from New York, started ‘waist training’ 7 years ago after being inspired by the extreme shapes of voluptuous Jessica Rabbit and Marvel super-heroine ‘Storm’. Growing up, Kelly was a tomboy, and says that corset training has helped her to overcome childhood shyness. . . She also thinks it’s interesting how fabric and thread can just easily manipulate the body to do such an extreme silhouette though.

But despite the limitations, Kelly has no plans to hang up her corset, despite facing some negative comments online. Kelly, who studies fashion, said: . . “Its often mistaken that modification is being a means of not loving yourself but I modify because I can, because it’s fun. People say that it looks unnatural, but I have big bright blue hair – what part of me screams that I want to be like everybody else?”

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Culled from Mimi’s Blog


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