Hookah, line and sinker ? sexy blonde massages Mario Balotelli while he puffs on pipe


FOOTIE ace Mario Balotelli looks pretty bubbly ? swigging champagne and smoking a bong while getting a massage from a sexy blonde.

The fiery Italian striker shrugged off the disappointment of losing to Spain in the Euro 2012 final by partying at the VIP Room nightclub in St-Tropez, France.

The 21-year-old whipped off his top as he sampled flavoured tobacco through a hookah pipe after charming a bevvy of girls in beauty pageant bikinis.

Man City star Balo was taking it easy after demanding a paternity test to see if pregnant ex Raffaella Fico?s baby is his.

He might be hoping her claims go up in smoke?

Smoking hot ? Balotelli samples shisha

Telli babes ? Mario cosies up to beauty pageant contestants in St-Tropez

Source : The Sun


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