People of different ages, most of whom are women, joined a protest on Saturday in front of the Arizona State Capitol Building in Phoenix, one day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the president of the United States.

Aiming to show solidarity with a mass Women’s March in Washington D.C. and other big cities such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles, Phoenix’ rally was attended by about 20,000 people. Various opinions were expressed in the swing state in last year’s presidential election.

According to Phoenix local TV station 3TV News, “The group of Phoenix said their slant wasn’t on bashing Trump but more about creating unity and solidarity.” However, most people attended the event believed that it was an anti-Trump rally.

“We want a president who represents 99 percent, not 1 percent, Trump’s appointment is a SWAMP!” This was the sentence on a badge carried by Mrs. Jordan, who came from Washington D.C. to join the rally in Phoenix with her friends.

“I came here to show that if we have Trump, we as women will not have any right,” she said.

Mrs. Linda, who is in her 70s, came together with more than 50 friends of her community, Superstition Mountain Resort, which was a nursing resort for the elders in the east of Phoenix area. All the group members were above 70 years old.

Linda told Xinhua, “I think this event is very good, we come here as a group to show our support to the women equality.”

Most of the banners brandished in Saturday’s rally carried signs with slogans about women’s rights, while banners with other appeals were also scattered around.

The protesting march was led by a long banner showing “Love for All” hold by six Muslim women. They were escorted by a group of policeman and armored trucks.

And the rainbow flag of LGBT community can be seen everywhere on the square in front of the State Capitol Building. Banners of anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations also can be seen in the processions.

“Generally speaking, this is a rally of anti-Trump,” said Mrs. Megan, who came to attend the gathering with her boyfriend, carrying a placard which is about anti rape and sexual assault, nothing about Trump.

“I do not know who organize this event, but I just decide to come here to show my opinion,” said Mrs. Megan.

Another marcher who did not want to share her name said, “I came here to show my concern about the racial, social, economic and environmental justice to our new administration.”

Trump’s supporters also came to the event.

Ocar, a sophomore at Arizona State University (ASU), with a group of his classmates, told Xinhua, “We all voted for Donald Trump, and we came here to show our support to him.”

“We are looking for some big crowd of people and show them our opinion,” he said, all of these ASU students had fliers in their hand bearing “TRUMP, Making America Great Again!”

The whole event, decorated by food trucks and music bands on the site, was pretty peaceful and no violence can be seen.

Over one million people Saturday took to the streets and staged rallies across the United States to protest against Trump’s first full day as the 45th U.S. President. Enditem

Source: Ran An, Xinhua/


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