R. Kelly
R. Kelly

Phoenix have teased a collaboration with R. Kelly following the success of their duet during the band’s set at Coachella in April.

The French band and the R&B superstar first teamed up earlier this year when R. Kelly joined them on stage at California’s Coachella festival, and now it seems the unlikely pairing are going to lay down a track together.

Guitarist Christian Mazzala told Radio.com: “Before going onstage we always put on R Kelly’s music, which is very far from our music, but we love his art. So we created a mash-up between our music and his music.

“We sent it to him and he said yes. The funny part is he arrived late so we didn’t see him before. We met him onstage. We didn’t rehearse so there was a beautiful tension.”

When probed further about an official collaboration, Christian reportedly lifted up his sunglasses, winked, and quipped: “Yeah, maybe. Maybe soon you will know. Maybe.”

The ‘Ignition (Remix)’ hitmaker and the indie rockers only met for the brief duration of their performance, and they claim the singer took off straight after the show.

Frontman Thomas Mars previously said: “He disappeared and I guess drove back. Which is a commitment. For someone to commit six days of their life for 10 minutes onstage, and what a 10 minutes they were.”


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