The authorities in the Philippines are struggling to bring relief to some of the areas worst affected by Typhoon Haiyan, one of the deadliest storms ever to hit the country.

Up to 10,000 are said to have died in Tacloban city and hundreds elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands are displaced.

The typhoon flattened homes, schools and an airport in Tacloban, reports the BBC.

Relief workers are yet to reach some towns and villages cut off since the storm.

In many areas there is no clean water, no electricity and very little food.

Thousands of troops have been deployed to the disaster zones and military cargo planes are flying in supplies. However, rescuers are hampered by debris and damaged roads.

Pope Francis pleaded for aid for the victims in the mostly Catholic country, saying: “Sadly, there are many, many victims and the damage is huge. Let’s try to provide concrete help.”


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