robertson AP_0Turns out, there’s a reason why the?Duck Dynasty?clan wasn?t in the audience at?Dancing With the Stars?Tuesday?night. Patriarch Phil Robertson was taken to the hospital on Sept. 17, according to granddaughter Sadie Robertson, who is a contestant on the show?s 19th season.

When asked by?Life & Style?where her famous family members were, Sadie replied, ?Lots of different places. My grandpa actually had to go to the hospital tonight. So a lot of them are with him.? The 17-year-old’s two sisters, Rebecca and Bella, were the only ones on hand to watch her advance to the next round.

Though she didn?t elaborate on why her grandpa was in the hospital, she told?Life & Style, ?He?s going to be fine. Next week, a lot more family members will be here. I think Mama Kay is coming, and other members of the Robertson family will make their appearance.?

A rep for Phil confirms to?Life & Style?that he has since left the hospital and is now resting at Sadie’s apartment in Los Angeles.



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