Pfizer nutrition introduces milk-based product for kids with selective eating habits
Thursday, 15 March 2012 00:00  By Chukwuma Muanya  Features  –  Natural Health

PFIZER pharmaceutical company has eased into the market a special nutrition formulation it says will correct the nutrient deficiency of children aged three to 10, who have selective eating habit. The supplement is Promise PE Gold.

Pfizer”s General Manager, Nigeria and West Africa, Rajiv Das, at the official launch of the Tiffany range of products, and Promise PE Gold, recently in Lagos explained that the product is specially designed for children who have problems with eating and tolerating normal food. It is a value–for- money product designed to fill a need identified for the unique category of picky children who are missing out on vital nutrients necessary for their normal growth.

Brand Manager of the firm, Toyin Kejawa said their product promises to be the solution to the challenge mothers have with children with bad eating habits.

“It is a complete milk-based nutritional supplement for children from three to 10 years suffering from bad eating habits. It has more than 40 ingredients, containing 25 essential nutrients for the picky eater. It contains DHA and AA,” she said.

Also speaking at the launch, Subail Kaul, general manager, Far East Mercantile Co. Ltd., observed that the new product would be well accepted.

“We are launching it after a series of tests and consumer feedback.”

Pfizer’s Associate Director, Communication and Public Affairs, Mrs. Margaret Olele said the product has been well researched to meet the demands of children aged three to 10.

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