Deputy General Secretary of the PFAG Solomon Torson with Vice President of PFAG Stephen Appiah

Deputy General Secretary of the PFAG Solomon Torson with Vice President of PFAG Stephen Appiah

The Ghana FA has received a detailed document from the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) proposing the setting up of pension schemes and insurance packages for players in the Premier League.

The proposal was received on Monday by GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi after a presentation to the Executive Committee by PFAG?s General Secretary Anthony Baffoe accompanied by Mr Solomon Torson the Deputy General Secretary/Financial Controller.

Entailed in the document are detailed analysis and projections of the benefits players stand to gain once they are enrolled on the pension and insurance schemes.

The analysis was based on 30 players with each of the 16 Premier League clubs ? translating into a total 480 individual players.

The PFAG is ready to finance the whole project to start off the enrollment of the players for the next two-years ? during which period, avenues will be explored to find a sustainable source of funding thereafter.

?This is something we have been working on for years. It has been a gradual process and we are now at this point,? PFAG General Secretary Anthony Baffoe told

?We need to adequately serve the needs of players who are major stakeholders in the game of football.

?A player who knows he is well insured against injuries, illness and also knows he is catered for even after football is more likely to perform even better than ones who don?t have this.

?This is even a way of preparing the minds of players for games. We as former players within the PFAG know how important this is and we hope the GFA considers this proposal very well.?

The PFAG have been at the forefront of the crusade to enhance the working conditions of players on the local scene.

But there are fears especially from club administrators that the methods being waged by the PFAG could lead to expenditure hikes as against their fast depleting resources.

But Anthony Baffoe, a former Ghana international believes these proposals, if adopted, will work to the benefit of the clubs.

?We know clubs are struggling in Ghana, that is why we offered to finance the insurance packages for the next two years so we progress gradually,? he added.

?Secondly, club officials are always interested in increased productivity of their players on the field of play and like I said before, a player with these things in place is more likely to give you and enhanced performance than one that is not.

?An aggregate rise in performance of these players, will lead to more attractive and quality matches which will appeal to the fans.

?This will result in increased patronage which is money to the clubs.

?So per our analysis and projections, this is a win-win situation for both the clubs and the players.?

The GFA?s Executive Committee will further scrutinize the document presented by the PFAG before forwarding it to Congress.

GFA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara assured ?the Executive Committee is considering it [the proposals tabled by the PFAG]?.

The plan to institute this plan for Premier League players will only serve as a pilot towards its implementation to cover players in lower tier leagues.


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