According to him, this kind of politics that goes on at some departments affect graduate students who are writing thesis or undertaking a research work.

TeacherHe was responding to a question in an exclusive interview on #GhCampusChat on whether or not assigning two supervisors to a student for research at the graduate and postgraduate levels is an effective system as adopted by the University of Ghana.

He established that, students suffer more when they are placed under research committees which is composed of lecturers from different research backgrounds and orientations.

The president mentioned that University of Ghana, which has been recognised as one of the top research-oriented institutions in the world, have lecturers from different backgrounds; those from North America with different research tradition and orientation; those from America with different research and orientation; those that come from the European sub region with different research and orientation and those from the Scandinavian countries and added that, “the student get to suffer more when they get different lecturers coming from an opposite academic orientation”.

However, he noted that students supervised by two lecturers are able to produce rich research work because their work undergo a lot of reviews; they become good team players and are also able to work under any circumstances.

He advised that, the politics at the department should be toned-down to allow a healthy committee supervision.



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