Groups including the NDC have called on the CID to investigate allegations of forgery against Dr Bawumia over the Togolese voter register which he presented to the Electoral Commission in his submission for a new voter register.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Also three individuals, Amos B. K. Amorse, Victus Avevor, and Dzifa Gunu have also brought a petition against Dr Bawumia.

In their petition, they stated that it “has become necessary following the EC’s admission in a report dated December 30, 2015, which states, inter alia, that the EC of Togo denied ever giving out its voters’ register to a “third party”; a register Dr Bawumia and his cohorts, in a petition to the EC dated August 18, 2015, said it used to identify over 76,000 Togolese on Ghana’s voter roll”.

The petition also cited two other NPP bigwigs for forgery, Director of Elections Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah and the party’s 2016 campaign manager, Peter Mac Manu.

The petition further stated: “Before petitioning the EC, Dr Bawumia addressed a press conference on the same day at Alisa Hotel and said, among other things, that “…in this regard, our investigative team obtained the Togo voters register which was publicly displayed prior to the 2015 Togolese elections. Using facial biometric recognition technology, the system has found 76,286potential matches of the same people, with the same names and faces on the Ghanaian as well as Togolese voters’ registers…”

“A softcopy of the supposed Togo register was subsequently submitted to the EC upon request by Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah. Confirming this, Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah, in a Daily Telegraph report dated November 9, 2015 said, “Yes it is true. We have presented the documents to the EC. I presented the two items to the chairperson Mrs. Charlotte Osei. We have presented a full blown two items to them. The Togolese register that we used and that of Ketu South, the one with the stapled pictures. I have given it to them.”

“To consolidate their intention to deceive the EC, Peter Mac Manu, also mounted a podium at a two day forum (which was telecast on public television) organized by the EC at Alisa Hotel to repeat the same allegations based on the forged Togo register and strongly advocated for a new register.”

However Lawyer Nimako said on Gh Today show on GhOne TV that, “in my view, the petition has no basis.”

The lawyer believes that when you take your matter to an institution, you must back it with the necessary documents which the three petitioners don’t have.

He however, asked the CID in its “right standing” to dismiss the petition and “focus on the things that matter most” to the country’s development.



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