Counsel for the petitioners, Philip Addison has accused the respondents in the election petition case, of displaying unethical and unprofessional behaviour in court.

?Once again the respondents are displaying that they are in the same boat. We were this morning in court supplied with a supplementary affidavit which was attached to the exhibits filed by the 2nd respondents and sworn to by Amadu Sulley. My lord, we consider this an unprofessional misconduct and unethical,? he said in court on Wednesday.

Philip Addison, however, insisted that the action was in defiance of an earlier decision passed by the court in which it rejected a similar document tendered.

?This process that has been filled is clearly intended to subvert the ruling of this court which rejected a similar document which was intended to be tendered by the second respondent?.

According to Mr. Addison, the second respondent?s act was in clear contravention of an earlier ruling by the court.

On his part, Lawyer Tony Lithur described Mr. Addison?s objection as irrelevant since the document tendered was only to aid the court understand and ascertain Bawumia?s testimony of an anomaly on the face of the pink sheet.

After a short recess, the objection raised by Tony Lithur for the court to restrain Philip Addison, was, however, overruled by the panel of judges.

In pronouncing his ruling,
Justice Atuguba noted: ?This case has entered into its sixth month and the people of Ghana must not be held back from knowing the final of their sovereign right to determine the outcome of the presidency of this country for which they voted as far back as the 7th and 8th day of December 2012. Accordingly, we are constrained to refuse the application as to the right of counsel for the petitioners to object to the propriety of the second respondents supplementary affidavit introducing the attached documents. As his clients are thereby affected, he has the right to raise the said objection, accordingly, the objection raised is overruled.?



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