?Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much; such men are dangerous?.

The above description of Cassius by Caesar in ?Julius Caesar? aptly fits notorious Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt. And it is this man who thinks he knows too much, this man who super-imposed his will on the late President Mills, this man who cannot see beyond his nose; this man who for personal aggrandizement could descend so low to the gutters and this portends the greatest danger to the peace, tranquility and unity of the country.

Today, Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt stands tall on the list of shrewd contrivers and devils incarnate throughout the entire universe. He does not and has not exhibited the slightest compunction in the pursuance of his evil practices. He thinks he should always be the top dog and cannot comprehend why other people could be better than he is; And so he must do everything within his power to bring those who are his betters down. It doesn?t matter how he goes about his evil plans. To crucify Kwasi Pratt?s betters ?is a task that must be done? has become the daily mantra of our notorious Satanist.

So the danger to the peace loving people of Ghana is not so much as the conflicts of interest amongst the various political parties in the country, but the presence of people like Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt. The opening of our air waves to the likes of Kwasi Pratt and his colleagues to pontificate on national affairs portends grave and great danger to the country.

This fear becomes more palpable when one realizes that most of the hosts of discussion programmes on our radio and television that Kwasi Pratt participates in end up by relinquishing their roles as moderators to the notorious Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt.

Kwasi Pratt was a member of the Alliance for Change. He attended most of their meetings but what the members did not know was that he was a mole planted in their midst by the powers that be.? Thus Abdul Malik Kwaku Barko and Freddie Blay were arrested just at the point of departure into Cote d?Ivoire, all thanks to Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt.

I am not fabricating this story. It came from no less a person but W/O Adjei Boadi, a member of the defunct PNDC government during the National Reconciliation exercise. If we should this as an authentic story, then we can say that our Peter Rabbit has played a very ignorable role as Judas Iscariot did when he ?sold? Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of gold.

But Judas action was a bit honourable than that of our Peter Rabbit. Why? He felt remorse and went back to throw back the thirty pieces of gold he had collected from his paymasters. He then hanged himself. But our notorious Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt will have nothing of that.

Kwasi Pratt is a betrayer to the cause of the ordinary people in the country who had put much faith in him. His action and utterances remind me of one Lateef Shofoloham, a Special Aide to Kudirat Abiola, wife of that business mogul, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olabisi Abiola, who was adjudged to have won the June 12, Presidential Election in Nigeria.

Shofolahon it was who gave details of Kudirat Abiola?s itinerary on that fateful day, Tuesday, June 4, 1996 to General SANNI Abacha?s death squad. Shofolahon it was who told Major Mustapha, Head of Abacha?s Security outfit that Kudirat Abiola would be going to the American Embassy on that fateful day. He it was who gave details of the routes Kudirat would be using on that day. Major Mustapha had no reason to doubt him since he (Shofolahon) was the traitor within. Moreover, some monies had changed hands.

That was how before Kudirat even got to Alausa en-route the United States Embassy at Eleke Crescent, the death squad led by Sergeant Rogers were waiting for her. They pumped some hot led into her and the lady died.

Our Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt is playing a role similar to the wicked and evil minded Lateef Shofolahan. But the most dangerous aspect of is that Kwasi Pratt does not limit his bizarre actions and utterances to only the political fields. Ominous doom hangs around him wherever he goes.

Do you remember what Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt said about Nana Akufo Addo? He sneaked out ?necodemously? to the American Embassy to make very mischievous and damaging report about Nana Akufo Addo. He says every morning Nana is surrounded by a cloud of smoke as a result of his smoking and inhaling of Indian hemp. Oh Kwasi, why? Why did you have to stab the man you claim is your friend in the back like Brutus did to Caesar? Do you have to behave like an agent of the devil just released from the gates of hell? In all his lied, fabrications and wicked plots against Nana Akufo Addo, the person he claims to love and admire, he was given protection by the American Embassy. Does that not make him a CIA Agent for the Americans?

The fact is very simple. Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt is carved in the mould of Cassius. He wants to diminish the status of Nana Akufo Addo before the populace. Pratt is a victim of jealousy. He like Cassius likens Nana to Caesar who bestrides the narrow world ?like a Colossus and we petty men walk under his legs, and peep about to find ourselves in dishonourable graves?. Candidly, our Peter Rabbit is a shrewd contriver who is a cog in the wheel of progress.

Peter Rabbit has created the impression that he knows Akufo Addo inside out, by misinforming the public that before ?Abraham was he was?. But this is a blatant lie to throw dust into the unsuspecting public.? He claims that he and Nana have been colleagues from childhood and so everything he says about Nana should be the gospel truth. And this is where the danger lies. Most of us know Nana better than this sadist and opportunist. Kwasi doesn?t know ?foko? about Nana, that?s the basic truth.

When our Peter Rabbit sneaked quietly to misinform the American Ambassador on Nana Akufo Addo, it never occurred to him that the okro mouthed American Ambassador would spill the beans. It therefore came as a shock to him when Wilkileaks published his effusions and diabolic plans against one of the most decent Ghanaian Politician alive today.

Let us take him on about his shameful act of condemning Akufo Addo when the latter wished the late President a healthy treatment when the late Mills went abroad. Kwesi exhibited his dislike for Nana Akufo Addo when he maliciously punched holes in every word Nana used in his ?Get Well? letter. But as things turned up, Nana Akufo Addo was vindicated.

I do not understand why Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt should still holds his head high and comment on national issues after the debacle involving the late President?s health.? The late President was seriously ill but Kwasi Pratt and others insisted the former President was in sound health.

What about his relationship with the Rawlingses? It was the Rawlingses who invited him to a Christmas dinner party after which he shifted his allegiance to the NDC. I learnt some ?Ghana Must Go Bags? changed hands before he made the switch. How authentic this information is I cannot say. But he became a member of the nefarious contraption.

For someone who had written things very critical and nasty about the late President to become a fan of his smacks of hypocrisy. Monetary inducement might have done the trick. The ?this man is something oo? mantra about the late President is still fresh in our minds. It is such hypocrisy exhibited by this notorious and unpatriotic publisher that makes him very dangerous.

I remember when he was made a member of the CPP Disciplinary Committee charged with the responsibility of investigating? ?anti party? charges brought against the ?Gang of Three? (Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, Freddie Blay and Paa Kwesi Nduom). I remember how he went about his work with a fine toothcomb like an executioner about to hang his victims. Now, this dangerous turn coat does not see anything wrong with both the former President and the current one, who are both members of the NDC.

At one stage, he even concocted a story about one of his poorly paid reporters being kidnapped by the Rawlingses. You see how dangerous Kwasi Pratt can be?

Was it not Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt who went to take pictures of the so-called ?Hotel Kufuor? or Hotel Waa Waa as they called it? Chief Kufuor, one of former President Kufuor?s sons had sourced for loans from some Banks (both local and foreign) to purchase a hotel. But no explanation would convince the notorious and evil-minded Kwasi Pratt that the hotel did not belong to his father but to him (Chief Kufuor).

Now President Mahama? brother goes for a loan from a Ghanaian bank and defaults in repayment. The President? brother buys a jet and people say it was the President who bought it and also used his position to facilitate the loan. To Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt, this is utter nonsense. Please ask Kwasi why this double standard?

But you don?t need to go far. Monetary inducement has done it. Kwasi rides in the best cars, lives in a plush building and visits the best restaurants in town. He like Baby Ansaba of the New Punch now goes on trips as part of official Government Delegations. If you were in his position, what wouldn?t you do to maintain the status quo?

I don?t envy him for anything. He has sold his birthright and self respect for a bowl of pottage. But I have one piece of advice for him. I have stated it in most of my write ups, and it is that in our quest to acquire the Golden Fleece we must not sidetrack the moral issues that go with it. In Kwesi?s desperate attempts to ?coerce? the powers that be to continue giving him the people?s money, Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt must not attempt to throw dust into people?s eyes by fabricating lies to tarnish hard earned reputation of others.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to Peter Rabbit Kwasi Pratt to summon courage and re-enact what the Biblical Judas Iscariot did by committing suicide. That will be a good way of atoning for his sins. Yes Peter Rabbit should be courageous enough to follow Judas Iscariot to the grave.

Daniel Danquah Damptey ([email protected]) 0243715297


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