Peter Andre
Peter Andre

Peter Andre believes Kerry Katona’s role of Marilyn Monroe in the ‘Norma Jeane The Musical’ will “boost her spirits” after filing for her second bankruptcy last month.

The former Atomic Kitten star – who filed for her second bankruptcy last month – has landed the role of Marilyn Monroe in a London-based production of ‘Norma Jeane The Musical’, and Peter is convinced it’s the right thing to help her get back on the right path.

Writing in his Planet Pete column in new! magazine, he said: “I want to congratulate my pal Kerry Katona on landing the role of Marilyn Monroe in a stage show.

“She’s had a tough couple of months, so I think this is just what she needs to boost her spirits. There’s something about stage acting that gives you a great feeling. There’s nothing like it.

“Kerry’s a really good person with a wonderful heart, so I’m really happy for her.”

Writer and director Belvedere Pashun previously insisted Kerry was the “top choice” for the part and thinks the Atomic Kitten star’s tumultuous past, which famously includes a drug scandal, makes her the perfect actress to play the tormented screen siren.

Belvedere said previously: “Marilyn’s life was one of extremes – poverty, abandonment, abuse followed by a flowering beauty which brought attention, fame, wealth and power and then the well documented tragic fall.

“I needed an actor of huge talent, personality and experience – Kerry was at the top of my list.

“This show will change the shape of people’s perceptions of Marilyn Monroe and we expect to announce a new star of drama on stage and screen with Kerry’s performance.”

Source: Bangshowbiz


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