Your sperm can be contaminated by pesticides

Researches have shown that pesticides and other insect killer chemicals could affect the quality of sperm in men.

Findings have also proved that many environmental factors affected sperm quality in men including The chemicals include pesticides and insecticides, which are mostly overlooked by most people as damaging to the sperm producing organ of men.

“Pesticides and insecticides used in controlling insects, pests and rodents have harmful effects not only on a person’s health, but also on the sperm. Pesticides and insecticides exposure may affect spermatogenesis leading to poor semen quality.

“Other environmental elements that affect sperm quality include: extended exposure to industrial chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents and painting materials. Indiscriminate exposure to these elements should be limited, if not avoided because low sperm count and poor sperm quality are the causes of infertility in men,” the finding said.

“Chemicals from pesticides and insecticides can cause damage, not only to the health, but also to the male reproductive organ. Reduction in sperm quality due to several exposures to pesticides and insecticides can result in infertility,”  it said.


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