Pesewa Global

Pesewa Global is a pan-African business incubator whose focus is to build Africa’s small businesses and make life easier for its people through commerce, technology and education.

The company’s aim is to build a global brand that cares deeply about the people and the businesses it serves.

Pesewa Global is a professional maintenance and homecare services provider who takes care of your home, corporate office and SME’s institutions, and offers electrical, plumbing, carpentry, transportation, interior decoration, fabrication, painting, catering, gardening and landscaping services, all through its premier mobile based Apps.

At the launch of the various business concepts of Pesewa Global today in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of Pesewa Global, Dr. Prince Abbey said, the company intends to connect businesses from the table-top sellers, building technicians to taxi drivers.

According to him, the platform will enable these businesses to access added services such as credits, direct debit, QR codes and delivery services.

He revealed that, Pesewa Global currently employs about 500 developers who registers the informal sector businesses onto their Apps and also help manage these businesses online, in order to empower them to be resilient enough to turn their economic fortunes.

The various business concepts were; METRO, which is an advertising platform for businesses in the informal sector, which will be inserted in a newspaper called ‘The Analysis’. And it would as well present copies of the advert to the various businesses who have signed onto the Metro App.

Another one is the ‘PESEWA 4 TAXI’ which is a platform that give safe and stress-free rides to passengers in Ghana and beyond. With pesewa 4 Taxi, your safety is assured, you’ll never get stranded on road but, rather get all the luxury you can think of.

PESEWA BUYERS CLUB is simply to Buy and Sell groceries on the marketplace and to help busy families to free up time to spend on the things that also matter most.

“You can simply be a shop owner and just call PESEWA BUYERS CLUB to stock your shop for you and pay back in installment. All that you need to do is to fill out the electronic form on Pesewalink or call us and get the opportunity for us to stock-up your shop for you,” He said.

“This is made possible by our well-trained and experienced team who offers quality service delivery in the professional, to your satisfaction. We have different packages such as ultimate services, advance services, basic services as well as pay as you request services. We delivery base on your request and before a work is completed, the client knows the exact amount he is paying for any of our services. We do pre-work analysis and post analysis to know and do exactly what you want,” He stressed.

Meanwhile, he announced that, Pesewa Global Company Limited is set to launch its Super Mobil App on the 1st of June, 2018.

By:Sammy Adjei/ gh



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