Periyar River originates from the sivagiri hills of sundarmala in Tamil Nadu. The river in Kerala is about 224 km in length. It is a major source of drinking water in various districts.

Major Distributaries And Dams

The main distributaries of the river are Muthirapuzha River, Mallayar River, Cheruthoni River, Perinjankatti River and Edamela River. There are few other minor territories namely muthayar, perunthuraiar, chinnar and kattappanayar.

Various dams like mullaperiyar, bhuthathankuttu, mattupetty, munnar, idukki, cheruthoni, kulamavu, irattayar, lower periyar, edamalayar, chenkulam, anayirangal and ponmudi are built across the river.

Idukki Dam

Idukki is the major dam, which helps in generating hydro – electricity.

It is like parabola in shape and covers a vast area. It holds second position among the largest dams in the world.

How Is Electricity Generated?

An underground power house is constructed in Moola mattan, which helps in generating electricity. It was constructed during joint India – Canada venture.

Besides generating electricity, it also serves the purpose of drainage, irrigation and navigation.

It is helping the natives of Kerala to a large extent.

The Journey Of The River

Periyar Lake is a man made reservoir. The river flows into the reservoir located in the periyar national park. Now, the journey of the river begins in an interesting way. Neeleswaram village located in the northwest direction is the next destination of periyar. Then, it meets the Vemband Lake and finally, merges into the sea.

Kerala is one of the best tourist spots in India. People who have visited the place have found it to be truly amazing. Visiting kerela in winters or autumn would be a great idea. In summer, the pace will be extremely hot because the state lies close to the equator.

How To Visit Kerala

If you are planning to visit Kerala, here are many alternatives. You could either choose railways, airways or roadways. If you live nearby, traveling by bus is the most suitable and convenient way.

Now, for booking bus tickets, you need not leave the comfort of your house. You just need to browse through the internet, where you will find a number of web-portals of travel agencies. You can book online bus tickets through them and save time and energy. Moreover, you can also hire a bus, if more number of people are traveling.

Where To Stay In Kerala?

There are many famous resorts, which guarantee best facilities to their customers. These resorts are available at affordable rates. Moreover, you can find in built facilities like gym, playroom, pool, games and many others. The natives of Kerala are known for their hospitality. These people are honest and trustworthy.

Other Interesting Locations To Visit

There are various tourist spots in the state. You can appoint a guide to make your journey more comfortable. Mararikulam beach in Kerala is surrounded by palm trees all over. The peaceful environment helps in removing the worries from the lives of the individuals.

The beauty and purity of Kerala will not let you go once you enter the state. There is so much to see and explore in this place.

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