MOV is a file extension used by the QuickTime-wrapped files. The format was created by Apple Company to work with multimedia files. MOV is a container format containing video, animation, graphics, 3D and virtual reality (VR) content or text (for subtitles, for example).

The advantage of MOV files is the ability to contain abstract data references for the media data. That means that they can be easily edited – no need to rewrite all media data after editing.

Beside, MOV can be used not only on Mac, but also Windows OS. This makes MOV more popular in the world. But there is one problem we cannot ignore– MOV files loss.

Today, let’s find out the main reason of MOV files loss and offer you a good way to perform MOV files recovery.

• ‘Format error’, ‘write error’, ‘read error’, ‘unknown error’ (with the temporary freeze in the screen).

• The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

• There might be a problem with some files on this device or disc.

• ‘memory card error’ or ‘ card cannot be used’

• ‘please insert disk to the drive’ or ‘no files found’

• USB drive not recognized

These error messages may be warnings of the corruption of data. Logical damage (drive is recognized, but video is not accessible) and physical damage (no recognition of drive, normally caused by power interruption or electrostatic discharge) are major reasons for the loss, damage or formatting of the MOV files.

Since the lost MOV files might be useful for family or business needs, we need to recover them strongly. This moment, our high-efficiency recovery software-uFlysoft MOV recovery can solve the problem and recover MOV files easily.

When you delete MOV files and even empty them from the Trash, they are not gone forever. Actually such deletion just frees space for other data, whereas the removed file info still remains on the hard drive. If the disk or memory card where the lost MOV files were stored before has been overwritten, you will have little chance to recover them. So it is very necessary to avoid data overwriting. And we can recover deleted MOV files by using uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. Here are the solutions.

1. Download this application first, don’t worry, it’s totally free for downloading. After that, install it on your Mac.

2. Launch the program and select your disk or you memory card where your lost MOV files were stored to scan. Then it will scan your drive deeply and completely to seek the lost MOV files.

3. After scanning finished, click the “Recover” button, you will be asked where you want to store the files. Pay attention, DO NOT save the recovered lies to the same path where the lost files were stored before.

After all of these, you will get back your lost MOV files again. See? It’s so easy for you to get back your lost data only by a few clicks with uFlysoft Data recovery for Mac.

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