Edwin EdinkrahIt?s certainly a good time for the Ghanaian Showbiz industry and its stakeholders, with the introduction of an awards scheme which seeks to reward and celebrate individuals who continue to excel in their respective fields.??

Known as The People?s Choice Awards, categories to be awarded in the annual cross-discipline event are the Best Female Musician, Best Male Musician, Best Female Radio Presenter, Best Male Radio Presenter, Best Female TV Host and Best Male TV Host. Other categories are the Best Movie Maker, Best Sound Engineer, Best Female Movie Star, Best Male Movie Star, Best Footballer, Best Comedian, Most Popular Boxer and the ultimate award being The Most Favorite Celebrity.

The Executive Director of Spyder Lee Entertainment and organizers of The People?s Choice Awards, Mr. Edwin Kweku Edinkrah, said?? we seek to create?a?cross discipline awards?scheme??to?promote the various sectors of the entertainment industry and?with?elements that?willappeal to more than?just entertainment lovers. Fundamentally, the awards is to recognize the very people who keep us entertained throughout the year and also forms part of our contribution to the development of the Ghanaian Showbiz industry?.

Winners of the various categories will be selected solely through public voting Board. Nominees for the various categories will be announcement by The People?s Choice Awards Board which will comprise of respected individuals within the Ghanaian Showbiz industry.

The People?s Choice Awards will be launched in a few weeks at a media and stakeholders event where members of The People?s Choice Awards Board will be introduced. The People?s Choice Awards is an award scheme for the people and by the people!


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