A number of people who registered to take part in this year?s elections may abstain from voting and a final Senior High School student is one of such people.

He said politicians did not deserve his vote because ?they have been tampering and toying with my education.?

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, (GNA) he said when he was in final year at the JHS ?the politicians tinkered with my education and when I entered SHS they did the same thing.?

?Now I do not know whether the SHS will be three or four years depending on which party wins?, he said.

He said he was worried about what would happen to his little sister who is in SHS form one whether for her SHS would be three years or four years.

He said the inconsistency was also affecting parents because of the uncertainty in planning for their wards education.

The student who said he turned 18 years in March this year said education is an essential pillar in nation building but ?the way it is being handled by those who govern us is pathetic.?

He said a ?protest vote? by him would change nothing because the outcome of the election would favour either the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or National Democratic Congress (NDC) who are the culprits.

A Seamstress said ?I have not benefitted from voting all these years.?

She said both the NPP and the NDC were guilty of favouring their known members when it came to selecting people for social intervention packages.

?They have forgotten that it is the votes of people other than their registered members that have added up to win them the elections.?

She said she would have liked to vote for another party but that would not change the NDC or NPP pattern of governance. 



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