640bc71f20c2ac282130971ea91627ee_MZambia has banned all citizens from Nigeria, Liberia, sierra Leone and Guinea from entering the country -?the broadest move so far to block travelers from Ebola-infected countries.

?Nigeria and Ivory Coast also on Monday both restricted flights from Ebola-infected countries, in steps that underscore fears of the virus in West Africa spreading globally by air travel.

Per Second News gathered that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Monday suspended Gambia Bird Airlines Ltd. until it “put in place acceptable and satisfactory measures to contain the spread of Ebola virus,” according to obtained by Per Second News.

There have been no recorded cases of Ebola in Gambia, where the airline is based. But the airline does fly to Guinea, ?Liberia, and Sierra Leone??the three countries fighting an Ebola outbreak. The airline didn’t return calls requesting comment.

Minister of Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu said that blood tests had confirmed Ebola in a ninth hospital worker who, like the previous eight, had treated a single Liberian-American man who flew into Lagos last month. She was a newly married nurse and her husband is also now under surveillance.

Meanwhile, the Ivory Coast went further, banning all flights and passengers coming from those three countries from entering its airports.

The moves reflect the heightened state of global concern over Ebola and how fast and far it may travel. From Hong Kong to New York to Cape Town, hospitals are gearing up to treat potential patients but so far all that the vigilance has yielded is a series of false alarms.

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