The Pentecost University College Graduate School has said all its programmes and courses have been duly accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) contrary to claims that they have not.

Professor Kwame Boasiako Omane-Antwi speaking with the media
Professor Kwame Boasiako Omane-Antwi speaking with the media

The School?s Vice Rector and Dean, however, told Journalists at a press conference Friday January 23, 2015 that the process of accrediting its Communications Studies Programme was still incomplete, albeit almost done with.

Professor Bosiako Omane-Antwi said the BA Communication programme is duly accredited by NAB reference Certificate No. NAB/PAC/000474 dated July 01, 2011.

His clarification follows a suit filed against the school by eleven aggrieved students who claim the University has denied them the privilege of graduating with reason that the BA Communication programme they undertook was not accredited.

According to him, the graduation of the disgruntled students and the issuance of certificates to them from the University of Ghana ? the mentor school of the Pentecost University ? is not in danger.

The students sued the University at the Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court over the matter.

They are praying the Court to have the school pay them GH?3,300,000 in general damages and GH?16,802 for each affected student in special damages.

Below is the full statement of the Pentecost University College:


Ladies and Gentlemen of the media,

I want to, on behalf of the Council, Management, Staff and Students of the Pentecost University College, welcome you to our Graduate School. The issues on the table, we wished would have been other than what the current one is. However, we are compelled to invite you at a very short notice to create opportunity for us to respond to some issues that have been making the rounds on your various platforms in respect of the fate of some eleven (11) students, who took a programme in BA Communication Studies and were due to be graduated at the end of the 2013/2014 Academic year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in respect of the news making rounds, we want to state, devoid of any equivocation that the Pentecost University College is duly accredited by the National Accreditation Board and fully affiliated to the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The BA Communication programme is duly accredited by NAB reference Certificate No. NAB/PAC/000474 dated July 01, 2011. We have made copies of the Accreditation Certificates available for your perusal.

There are a host of processes that affiliate Universities go through to obtain programme affiliation from mentor universities for the various courses run. This process was commenced in 2011 after receiving accreditation from NAB which is still ongoing and would be completed shortly.

We at the Pentecost University College expected that the process would be completed in due time for our dear students to graduate with their colleagues, who recently graduated. Unfortunately, the process could not be completed on time. However, we are in constant touch with our mentor institution,University of Ghana,to complete the process soonest so that students can duly graduate. The graduation of students and the issuance of certificate to them from the University of Ghana is not in danger.

We must admit that the development is unpleasant to our students, their parents and guardians as well as the various stakeholders of our University. Nonetheless, we should please appreciate the fact that programme affiliation process takes time to complete.

It is not uncommon to meet such challenges in the affiliation process. We want to assure the general public that this issue is being addressed with all the seriousness it deserves and soon our students will be duly graduated as earlier stated.

Let me take this opportunity to assure all herein gathered and the general public that the Pentecost University College will never take any action in respect of defrauding innocent members of the public. We remain committed to our core values and vision to empower our students to serve their generation and posterity with integrity and the fear of God.

As a faith-based university enjoying the sponsorship, strong support and goodwill of the Church of Pentecost International, we have the duty and responsibility to protect the integrity and the good name of the Church of Pentecost.

Accordingly, our actions are guided by the strong tenets of the Church and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again, we would like to reiterate our position that Pentecost University College had the accreditation of National Accreditation Board to run Bachelor of Arts (BA) Communication programme. Truly, it is only the graduation of the students which has delayed by virtue of the non-completion of the programme affiliation and that graduation of the said students was not in question or in danger so the students have not lost the years of study and their money.

This statement is issued to clarify the unfortunate misinformation on the status of BA Communication programme run in Pentecost University College.

May the Lord our God approve our plans as a nation and bless our efforts, yes, bless our efforts, Amen (Psalm 90 v 17)
Thank you.


Source: StarrFMonline


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