Over the weekend controversial Kenyan socialite Pendo Staicey somehow hustled her way into Nigeria?s Music Star Davido?s hotel room.

Something that she proudly asserted when SDE published a story alleging that ?Omo Baba Olowo? doesn?t even know her.

Despite her confession, there were still some doubting Thomases and and asuch popular Kenyan Blog Ghafla recounted the events of last weekend chronologically till the point when Pendo and Davido purportedly hit it off.

Up until this morning, there are still guys who still have a shadow of doubt of the two?s encounter.

So, ?in the spirit? of saving the best for the last, Pendo was smart enough to ensure the paparazzi was there when she was closest to Davido.

As such, she has just unleashed a photo of herself hanging out with Davido to silence her critics and captioned, ?sina time ya ku argue na vicheche?. Take a look;

However, there were guys who still didn?t believe and alleged that the photo has been ?photoshopped?. Her response?

?ask the person who tuk [sic] it f [sic] he dd oh not..courtesy of eyecon photography if u can read!!?

What do you think? Photoshop or real?

Source:? africaeagle


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