The Peki Traditional area in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region has called on the Chief Justice to establish an enquiry into what they claim is a “contemptuous” undertaking by the Chiefs and people of Tsito ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on a disputed boundary land.

Togbe Ayim Mordey VI, Adontenhene of Peki Traditional area, at a press conference at Peki Avetile alleged that Togbe Gobo Darke, Chief of Tsito, led a delegation to Dededo, a community on the disputed land to announce that the ruling, slated for Nov. 06, 2019, would favour Tsito.

The Adontenhene alleged that the delegation asked the community to “contribute” funds to the Tsito Awudome Stool towards the celebration of the coming victory, and to enable contributors get portions of the disputed land.

Togbe Mordey said the actions of the Tsito chiefs showed disregard for the judicial process, and had the people of Peki wondering whether or not the pending ruling had been compromised.

“The supreme court will give a ruling on the Peki-Tsito land case on Wednesday, the 6th of November 2019. The ruling will determine whether the substantive case before the Land Court four (High Court) will be continued and completed or not. Or whether the 1979 court of appeal judgement which was cancelled by the Supreme Court ruling of 30th March 1992, will be brought back to life since it was struck off for lack of jurisdiction.

“While waiting for the day of the ruling, a disturbing development has however taken place at Dededo which must be brought to the attention of the Chief Justice and all parties in the case.

“On Sunday, 15 September 2019, information from credible sources came to the attention of the people of Peki that a delegation of chiefs led by the Chief of Tsito , Togbe Gobo Darke XII went in convoy of buses to a church service of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) at Dededo-Peki at 10.55am, to inform the congregation categorically and positively that the expected ruling scheduled for 6th November 2019 will be in their favour.

“The delegation therefore asked the congregation which is largely made up of settler farmers to contribute money to the Tsito Awudome Stool to enable them to celebrate the expected Supreme Court ruling. The money will also enable the settler contributors to be offered land within the disputed area.

“The development has caused stir, anxiety, tension, and suspicion among the people of Peki in respect of the following ruling. A number of questions that readily come to mind are as follows.

“How did Tsito Awudome get to know the expected ruling will definitely or positively end in their favour on the 6th of November at the Supreme Court?.

“How did the chiefs of Tsito Awudome come by the information from the Supreme Court since all parties are expected to know the outcome of the ruling on 6th November?.

“Do the conduct and actions of the chiefs of Tsito Awudome at Dededo constitute contempt of the Supreme Court by way of undermining its authority and bringing the administration of justice into repute?.

“We find the conduct of Togbe Gobo Darke and his chiefs as contemptuous of the powers of the Supreme Court and demand that they be cited for contempt.

Torgbe Mordey said in view of the above questions, there was the need for the Chief Justice of the republic of Ghana to set up an enquiry into the matter regarding the church service at Dededo in question.

He however, reiterated the confidence of Peki in the Judiciary to do justice in the matter, saying, “Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.”

Hearing on the disputed land begun in 1957 by the then Stool Lands Boundaries Settlement Commission.

The Commission was abolished by the Stool Lands Boundary Settlement (Repeal) Act, 2,000, Act 587, and the case transferred to the High Court.


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