Elections , votingThe misery experienced by refugees who flee their countries because of civil strife, such as the Ivorians now sheltering in Liberia, and the hell-on-earth daily existence, which is the lot of internally-displaced persons, such as the people of Darfur, now living in camps near Chad, ought to be constant reminders to ordinary Ghanaians, Ghana’s politicians and its political parties – that electoral violence can so easily ruin what has taken decades to build: Ghana’s stability.

Recently, the chairperson of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Jake Okanta Obestebi-Lamptey, wrote an open letter to President Mills, complaining about the drawing and brandishing of pistols, by a number of individuals from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and appealed to him to do something about it, before it gets out of hand (no pun intended).

That was in the right direction. However, Mr. Obestebi-Lamptey’s party too has its fair share of violent-types. It is crucial that he and the rest of his party’s leadership rein in the more violent members of their party.

Indeed, it is vital that the leadership of all Ghana’s political parties, impress it upon their supporters, that nothing must be done by any party supporter (across the spectrum) to ruin Ghana’s worldwide reputation as a peaceful and stable democracy in Africa.

They must all show world-class leadership during the entire campaign period leading up to the polls – and ensure that the December 2012 elections pass off peacefully. That is a sacred obligation for all of them – and their patriotic duty to Mother Ghana. A word to the wise…

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By: Kofi Thompson.


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