An American Peace Corps volunteer, Andrew Kistler who was facing murder charges in a stabbing incident in Wa has been cleared by the police.?

The Attorney-General?s Department is said to have called for his discharge on the basis that he acted in self-defense.

The incident which happen last month whilst Mr. Kistler and a colleague volunteer were on their way home from a night out in the Upper West regional capital, prompted a withdrawal of all volunteers from the region.

Regional Police Commander, ACP Kofi Adei-Akyeampong insists the region is safe.

?The two of them were attacked because they were together. In fact she took cover behind the man and during the struggle the other guy was stabbed.

??The attack on peace corps is not different from attack on me or attack on anybody. At that hour anybody could have been attacked. It was not because they were Peace Corps. No It was because of the time.

“It was dangerous to walk about at that time,? he said.

Meanwhile, a criminal lawyer and former Senior State Attorney, Augustine Obour told Joy News the Attorney General?s conclusion on the matter is fair.

He said the AG could direct the police to do further investigation in respect of any of the essential ingredients which are not found in the docket.

He said if there is no evidence against the suspect, the Attorney General has the power to recommend discontinuation of the prosecution.


Source: myjoyonline


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