A member of the Eastern Regional Federation for the Disabled, Mr Marko Stanly Nyarko, has appealed to the government to introduce Social Security Numbers (SSN) for all disabled to be used to open accounts for them.Disabled

He said with the accounts, their share of the District Assemblies? Common Fund could be shared among the disabled and paid into their accounts.

Mr Nyarko told the GNA in an interview that if such measures were adopted, it would remove the stress and pressure that the Assemblies went through in trying to disburse the disabled component of the Common Fund.

Mr Richard Doku, President of the Eastern Regional Federation for Disables, said funds given to the disabled must be properly managed to ensure that the funds went to the right people.

Mr Doku, who is speech impaired and spoke through an interpreter, alleged that ?sometimes when it comes to the disbursement of the Common Fund for the Disabled some able bodied persons do benefit.?

Mr Doku said the Federation was pushing for a disability desk at public hospitals to assist with sign language and tutorial to the nurses to assist the hearing and speech impaired when they visit hospitals.

He said the disabled were not begging to be assisted but supported to undertake projects to earn a living and support their families.



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