Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba

In football history, there are generations of players who break old records and set new ones. Paul Pogba has become one such generational player through his world record transfer from Juventus to Manchester United at a cost of £89 million ($116.2 million). On £290,000-a-week wages, he is perhaps, depending on your source, the highest-paid player in the English Premier League.

In 2012 he left Manchester United for Juventus because United declined to pay him the £65,000-a-week wages he had demanded. United did not, at that time, see the justification as he had made only seven first team appearances, all as a substitute.

Surprisingly, four years on, Manchester United has gone back for the same player in a record transfer of £89 million, and will pay him more than four times the £65,000 he had earlier demanded.

Below we proceed to consider four (4) applicable lessons for people looking for personal fulfilment and business success.

1. Build Capacity

Pogba developed himself into a world class player. Four years ago at United he was a youngster not making the grade for first team starts, only managing seven substitute appearances. He moved on to Juventus where he took the time to hone his skills and has developed into one of the best players in the world. And at age 23, he has now earned himself a bumper pay packet and a place on the front pages of newspapers, magazines and television screens as a marketable individual.

To break into the winners’ circle, you must continuously develop yourself. Upgrade your knowledge, sharpen your skills, develop old competences, and learn new ones to help position and propel you to the top. Seeking more knowledge through wide reading, research and going back to school will make you become more efficient and effective and increase your value. The more refined you become through the sharpening of your skills and expertise, the better you become at what you do and the higher your demand as a result of your quality. Quality is the game changer in the fierce competition in our business environment.

In today’s globalized and technological economy, we need to remain relevant to be able to succeed as well as compete with others. That is why it is vitally important that we keep on developing and adapting positively to a rapidly evolving environment.

Excellence demands constant upgrade, but will also make you stand out and become sought after in your chosen profession.

2. Look Beyond

Juventus saw great potential and greatness in Paul Pogba something which United could not see. As a result, they moved to sign him from United and agreed to pay the sum which he was demanding. If United had known that four years on, the value of Pogba will shoot up to £89m, they would have probably kept him at the club.

Be like the eagle and demonstrate the ability to spot opportunities miles away and seize them. The eagle is a bird that has powerful eyesight to see from a far distance what other birds cannot see. Your ability to see what others cannot see and take advantage of them will be one quality that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Juventus saw greatness in Pogba when he was perhaps an average talent to United. Train and develop your eyesight to spot opportunities in situations where others see only hopelessness and nothing else. Looking beyond means you display the ability to extract opportunities even from negative happenings around you. If you can see what others cannot see, you will be on the path to greatness.

Opportunities are everywhere, if you keep your eyes open and dare to look. The more overlooked things you discover, the more opportunities you will have at hand beckoning you to exploit them for your success.

3. Self Belief

Pogba believed in himself and his ability. This is a man who when he was not even making the starting line-up at United had the confidence to demand higher wages. He did not allow his lack of playing time to intimidate and make him doubt his ability. He believed that although he had not played regularly, he still had great talent in him waiting to manifest and for which Manchester United had to pay for. He was telling United, you may have benched me for the greater part of the season and made little use of my talent and pay me a small wage, but I am worth more than what you are giving me.

Your potential to achieve what you most desire in business and life is directly related to your self-confidence. You can achieve anything when you believe in yourself and ability.

Your level of self-confidence shows you are competent at what you do, and this helps you gain the confidence of others, as most people are reluctant to back a project that is being pitched by someone who is a nervous, fumbling wimp.

You must learn to overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem in dealing with people and doing business. Successful people are confident personalities who have a healthy self-image and they believe in their ability. They show it in their body language, behaviour, how they speak and what they say.

4. Hard Work

Paul Pogba has proven himself a diligent player. We all point with pride to him today, but he did not arrive at his fullest potential being lazy.

He did not waste his time in idle conversation, excessive sleep, or being glued to the television set. He worked hard on his talent to refine his skill. He made sacrifices and endured sleepless nights to arrive at this current level and form.

To step into the winners’ circle, you must embrace hard work. I see hard work as not in terms of what we do during working hours but rather before and after working hours. Pogba disciplined himself to train several hours before and after the usual training sessions of his team, and he consistently did this whether he felt like that or otherwise.

Laziness is an enemy of success, and people who are lazy never reach the top. Laziness will rob you of your otherwise colourful destiny. It has indeed destroyed many and you must not be its next victim.

Success comes through hard work and perseverance. Hard work enthrones and exalts those who diligently seek and pursue after it. Put these into practice and you will experience personal fulfilment and business success.

By : Charles Anyomi


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