Paul Lerocq
Paul Lerocq

Paul Lerocq, a name that means a lot for someone born in Quilmes, BuenosAires, Argentina, the city where the Quilmes Rock Festival is held each year. This guy really knows how to rock his music and make the world know about it!

Paul Lerocq
Paul Lerocq

He started his musical journey in his high school years where he once the left-handed guitarist of the band. He eventually became a self-taught guitar and piano player. Though he took in singing lessons a bit late at the age of 24 until he became his own teacher.

To expand his variety of repertoire and artistic skills, he honed his tongue to the German and Italian language to add on his knowledge of Spanish and English. He knew it would be useful to communicate more with his target audience. Having composed more than 100 songs in his mother tongue and in English, he worked with Mr. Osi Tejerina, CEO of Digital Poley Records and Paul self-produced his own album.

From local gigs in various bars and radio stations, Paul realized that it’s high time for him to bring his music further in a bigger music scene outside Buenos Aires. He bravely seized every opportunity to connect and network with people in the music industry that could help him promote his music in a bigger platform.

Blue Pie Records noticed Paul’s passion and dedication as an artist and they signed him up. Now, Paul’s music is marketed not just in Australia but in the US as well, and at the same time he also signed a digital distribution agreement with Mr. Tejerina back in his home country, Argentina.

And the time has come for India to make way to the beat of Paul LeRocq’s rock n’ punk, ballads and new sounds as Guitarmonk Records leads the way for Paul to be welcomed by the Indian community.

Guitarmonk has made it possible for International Artists to experience the warmth and love of the Indian music lovers as artists and their music from all over the world are getting featured and promoted in India’s local scene giving every music follower distinct flavor and options for the type of music they prefer.

There’s Michele Quireshi of Indianapolis, Nataliya from Ukraine, Willian Poni from Italy, Renu Arora from London, Nabil Khemir from Tunisia, Brad from New York, Maza and Milan from Serbia, and a lot more artists in the Guitarmonk Foreign Artists roster.

Source : Guitarmonk Records


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