Paul Afoko national chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party
Paul Afoko national chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party
Paul Afoko national chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party ? ?
Paul Afoko national chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party

This week, on Star FM, Mr Paul Afoko, the beleaguered chairman of the NPP said, ?The NPP cannot stay in opposition for 12 years. It has never happened, and we will not be the first to start. We do not intend to go to court after 2016 elections so we will do everything possible to avert another scenario like it happened in 2012?.

The communication machinery of his party has already ripped through the social media world, political and economic fabric of the 24 million Ghanaians and believe that there are many ways to win political power. They believe that the easiest and the most cost-effective means to employ are false propaganda, threat, deception, intimidation and manipulation of ordinary minds.

Still, the NPP leaders figured out that they are immune; because they imagine this to be a one-way street. With their frozen perch on the ?moral high ground,? other political party?s interests appear peripheral, at best, to the main design of the Danquah-Busia axis, which is now caught in the death grip of an increasingly three-time defeated presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo.

At least Ghanaians must have taken lessons from the country?s political history and those who were involved. These lessons in any case, are what the New Patriotic Party must take a clue from and probably rewrite its political philosophy or thinking not acts of vindictive politics of threat, incitement and instigation.

In 1992 they wrote the ?Stolen Verdict, after losing both the presidential and parliamentary elections. In 2008 they went to court to turn down the verdict of the people. And in 2012, as if the outcomes of the preceding events were not enough lessons for them, they went to court again to cry out their usual cry of something ?badly had happened? to the election results.? All these were preceded by various forms of threats, political harassment, lies and fabrications from leading members of NPP. Threats have always been a political model for the New Patriotic Party since pre-independence days. They have achieved very little with this, yet they cannot change and they are desperate to lead Ghana and her citizens.

The words of the national chairman of the New Patriotic Party that he will do everything possible to avert the possibility of the party being in opposition for 12 years and that the NPP cannot stay in opposition for that long go to buttress their current nation-wrecking politicking; instigating bad press for Ghana and mobilising to undermine the stability of the country, politically and economically.

In his recent trip to the United Kingdom, specifically in London, the ?I-must-win at all-cost? two-time failed presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo has asked his political apostles and some of the party?s supporters to mobilise and raise the ?temperature? of Ghana. This was just after numerous demonstrations in Ghana that have resulted in loss of productive hours and undermined the country?s economic and political outlook.

If Paul Afoko and his NPP fail again in 2016 elections, what will he and the NPP do? What he must be made to understand is that no political party in Ghana determines whether it wins power or otherwise by threats. The outcome of any election in Ghana is determined by all Ghanaians and this is influenced by their convictions that they are better served by party A or party B. How has the NPP contributed to the well being of Ghanaians through acts of commissions and omissions? 12 years in opposition or even more will be the party?s portion if they continue with these politics of threat, incitement, fabrication, lies, deception and the false propaganda.

?By Alexander Bediako

Organiser, NDC U.K. Ireland





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