Wpid Mirror Ball January
Patrons Having A Good Time At The Mirror Ball

Mirror Ball January 2014

Last Friday?s Tulip Mirror Ball confirmed that despite the fact that the weather ?brought itself? as we say locally, the showers were obviously not enough to dampen the spirits of all those beautiful people who left their cozy homes to enjoy the ?Denim Dance?.

If there was any flooding, it would have been on the parquette dance floor where guests soaked the rhythms and grooves of yesteryears.

William Nanka Bruce better known as DJ Blow handled the one?s and two?s with elaborate skill and he kept the party jumping till the early hours of the Saturday as poultry across the city acknowledged the start of a new day.

A pleasant surprise met guests at the end of the red carpet as a fantastic welcome drink from the iconic Johnnie Walker set the tone for a classic night of fun in the world class ambience of the Branche Lounge.

The affinity the event enjoys amongst the premium niche in Accra and beyond is always a sight to behold each month, as guests show up clad in bespoke outfits that align with the evening?s theme.

Last Friday was a blue jeans and white top affair.  The first 100 guests had a choice of their favourite coloured bandana to complement the fresh and classic old school look.

Yirenkyiwa, a most regular mirror baller, was rewarded with a paid weekend for two with accommodation and meals by the Golden Tulip for being one of the most regular guests since the inception of the event three years ago.

Advanced tickets can be purchased at the front desk of the Golden Tulip in Accra.

Admission is still GHC 40and doors open from 10 pm. The Tulip Mirror Ball is brought to you by Golden Tulip Hotel and Tag Team.  It is sponsored by Johnnie Walker and supported by Prestige Photos & Large Format and Y 107.9fm.


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