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By Mohammed Mustapha

Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions and portraying the cultures of their country. The word ?Patriotism? has been interpreted in a very myopic perspective to mean been a good citizen etc.
Ghana flagAppreciating products and services from your country is a good quality of a patriot. The attitude of people living in a particular country and patronizing the goods and services produced within that country is a key determinant of the economic growth and development of the country.
We have numerous industries in Ghana producing many goods for local consumption but yet still, most people in Ghana today prefer wearing the so called designers dresses from Europe at the expense of our designers in our country. Honestly, speaking if the necessary support is giving to our designers in Ghana they can produce dresses that will even amaze the owners of so called big designers in Europe.
Are we ready as Ghanians to patronize our made in Ghana product and see them to be the best cloths in our wardrobe? We need to shift our mindset from the inferiority complex we have attached to our own goods, We should be proud in wearing Made in Ghana products. Ghanians are some of the most enterprising people in the world. We are smart, creative, crafty, and have a good business sense and when put to the test, we are indeed very hard working? God has blessed us even more richly with talent, innovation and industriousness let us use these God-given gifts to transform this great nation of ours. But this can only be achieved when you and I make sure about 50% of products we buy are purely made in Ghana.
I pay my humble obeisance to former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kuffour, for his admonishment to the nation to wear African print on every Friday. I also heave a deep sigh of relief and give encomium to celebrities like; Okyeame Kwame, Kojo Antwi, Blakk Rasta, Obour, Manifest. Ama K. Abrebese and others who wear African wear, most times.
The One legaxy foundation in attempt to whip up the sentiment of wearing made in Ghana attire, has introduced a project called ?iposegh? This projects seeks to reward people who wear made in Ghana attire, ipose is going to be a picture fun page on facebook, you can take a picture of yourself or a friend in Ghana attire post it on ipose page on facebook, If by the close of the week your picture receives the highest comments, You automatically win a ticket to dine at Tashi?s Northern Bazaar Restaurant inside Dworwulu or Jmello?s pizza, and many more souvenirs from our sponsors.
Ghanaian celebrity giving free publicity to an American or Italian designer in Ghana at a revered platform like GMA, without any charge. A high number of Nigerian celebrities rock their Nigerian prints with pride. They call it ?Ankara.? The ?Ankara? industry is booming in Nigeria. Ghana for the past years has promoted foreign designers through red carpet events, Ipose Gh will also set up a red carpet in every event that will be held in Ghana, our red carpet is dubbed ? Posing line? This posing line will be a our own style of red carpet to interview people who come to the event wearing Ghana attire, by so doing we also give some popularity to the designers behind their cloths.

Our Celebrities owns it a duty to market our products. The reason why I charge our celebrities to patronize made in Ghana fabrics more than they are doing currently is simple; fashion-wise, majority of the public look up to or emulate what celebrities wear. This is an undeniable fact.Celebrities and their star-power, coupled with what they wear, create new fashion trends for the masses to follow.
If you are ready to be a true Ghanaian, then log on to facebook and like our page and become part of Iposegh. Remember we are posing for Ghana.

Source: Mohammed Mustapha
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