?The 37 Military Hospital is filled with unpleasant spectacle of patients undergoing medical treatment on the floor. This development is due to the unavailability of enough beds at the hospital.

The unfortunate situation is compelling the hospital authorities as well as medical superintendents to refer patients to other clinics and government hospitals.

When The Moment news team got to the hospital to ascertain the veracity of the information, it was established that the news was true, with patients seen receiving drips, oxygen and blood on the terrazzo floor.

A relative of one patient, who was receiving drip on the floor, spoke to The Moment and said the hospital authorities informed them about the unavailability of beds to cater for patients for medical treatment and hence the situation they found themselves.

These situations can be seen at the two emergency wards that the biggest Military Hospital the country can boast of.

However, when the hospital authorities were contacted on the issue, medical directors refuse to speak, but rather asked reporters to seek clearance from the Burma Camp before they (Doctors) could speak on the matter. Indeed, the Doctors flatly refused to comment on the situation.

At the time of leaving the hospital some patients were also, as well spotted lying on emergency carrier on the floor at the main ward.

Checks at the X-ray department also proved that the hospital was short of X-ray film and papers to conduct X-ray on patients.

Due to this, patients have to trek to the Police Hospital or La General Hospital to have their X-rays done before reporting back at the Military Hospital for examination continuous medical attention.




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