Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G in a recent interview revealed her real age, her life as a widow and her reason for adopting 5 children.

Patience revealed she was born on March 25,1958.

Speaking about her life as a widow, Patience said it’s been God because without him, she can do nothing. She said her husband?s family loves her so much and they are very fond of her, adding that she wished her husband were alive to witness her Centenary award, because he was highly supportive of her career.

She revealed she has three biological children but because of her love for children she adopted five other children who bear her name.

On what she really misses about him?
I miss the togetherness, when two people work together trying to train the children, bringing them up in unity and love. And all the affection he showered on us. I miss the way he celebrated my children?s birthdays, he was a true father and husband when he was alive. I miss my husband?s companionship and love.

On the secret behind her healthy look?

God is the secret behind my ageless look, and I also eat what my body needs, I take a lot of fruits and exercise when it?s necessary. And most imperatively, I don?t drink alcohol because I have realized that alcohol does a lot of damage to the body and makes you look older than your age.


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