Patience Goodluck
Patience Goodluck

Mrs. Patience Jonathan has, again, confirmed that she is a poor advertisement for the wife of a president. Her conduct at a stakeholders meeting she called to address the mass abduction of students of Chibok Secondary School in Borno State, the video of which has become an internet sensation, provides further proof that she does not yet know her place.

Patience Goodluck
Patience Goodluck

As the president?s wife and a Nigerian, she is entitled to to push for the safe release of the kidnapped girls and sensitive the world to the dangers they face. For that reason, she could cry. And cry she did, but to large scale derision. What she has got since the ill-advisedly convoked stakeholders meeting is not underserved. Mrs. Jonathan is obviously persuaded that she is an official of the state, with powers to summon government officials and legislate on what they should do or not do.

There are state-funded agencies with the responsibility to provide security, investigate breaches and apprehend those who bring them about. None of these, by law,? is vested in her office.

The President?s wife set out, obviously, to shift the blame of the abduction onto the Bornu State government, and cast the wife of the Bornu State governor as unwilling to cooperate, all in the bid to deflect criticism from her husband.

On every front, she failed, particularly with her adoption of crude diction. Before her at the meeting were educators. But Mrs. Jonathan spoke to them as though she was uneducated. ?Na only you waka come?? was her query to the lean attendance at the meeting. Why adopt a paraga seller?s diction? Worse would follow with ?the bloods they are sharing? and ?there is God (x5), the latter was an attempt to cast herself as the only one committed to securing freedom for the girls.

Speaking this way, wives of the presidents and other dignitaries she meets, we presume, must consider her as nothing more than a figure of fun. That is what she has turned out to be.

The stakeholders meeting was a disastrous outing for which many think her communication aides should be sacked. But are they really negligent, given that her husband has experienced huge difficulties in managing her since his days as governor or the woman?s appetite for generating scandals? We think not. Mrs. Jonathan?s ability to attract vitriol, often with justification, is prodigious. In 2010, she famously snatched a microphone from Governor Rotimi? Amaechi of Rivers at a public function, shouting on the man to listen to what she had to say and telling him what to do with the Okrika Waterfront in Rivers State.

The same woman, last year, persuaded herself that the country owes her a N4billion building she wanted as the headquarters of the African First Ladies Mission. This was at a time her husband and officials of his government were claiming that the country was too skint to continue paying subsidy on petrol.

Curiously, that fact escaped her husband and government officials, as the fantasy project, widely criticized, found its way into the budget proposals of the Federal Capital Territory. Thankfully, it was rejected by the Senate.

source : Global Village Extra


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