The Rector of Akrofi Christaller Memorial Institute, Reverend Dr Benhardt Yemo Quarshie has called on church leaders to serve their congregants with humility and relate their desire to serve the people with the directions and principle of God.
“Some people compete for power not with the motive of delivering, but to serve their selfish desires and are prepared to undermine others to have such powers,” he noted.
Rev Quarshie made this call when he was preaching the sermon at the 2012 Bible Week Celebration in Accra, on the theme: “The Bible: God’s Standard for Leadership”, organised by the Bible Society of Ghana (BSG).
He said in the Book of Mark (10:35-45), Christ defined true leadership when he said a person who wants to be “great” in the kingdom of God must learn to be the “least” here on earth, thus serving all others and putting all ahead of one’s own needs and desires.
Rev Quarshie said leadership was a process by which one person influences the thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours of others and that leaders set a direction for the rest to follow; help them see what lies ahead, visualize for the future, encourage and inspired them.
He stressed that not all leaders are called by God although God permitted some people to enter into leadership positions.
“Those who are not called often resort to manipulation and rigging of electoral procedures and processes to their advantage or their favourites”, he added.
Reverend Erasmus Odonkor, General Secretary, BSG, said the Society is a non-denominational Christian organisation registered under the Trustees Act, 1962, to make God’s word available and affordable and to encourage its use.
He said the Society is affiliated to the United Bible Societies, operating in 200 countries, to achieve the widest possible, effective and meaningful distribution of the Holy Scriptures in languages and media.
Rev Odonkor said the Society develops effective and meaningful programmes using all forms of media to attain set objectives and facilitate Bible usage in Churches and among individuals.
He said to actualize its mission, the Society performs four main activities which are translation, distribution, Advocacy and evangelisation and fund-raising.


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