Residents of Tarkwa Cyanide, a mining community in the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality were stunned last Friday when news broke out that a two-year-old boy in the area, Oliver Degeder, had had parts of his body mutilated by a stray female pig.

According to sources, the pig strangely chewed the left breast of the little boy, pulled him down and chewed parts of the face, around the neck, the buttocks and in-between his thighs.

DAILY GUIDE leant that residents who heard the bizarre story attributed the action by the pig to superstition while others lambasted the Municipal Assembly for not enforcing the law on stray animals.

Narrating how the weird incident occurred in an interview with DAILY GUIDE, Efum Fianko, assembly member for the Cyanide Electoral Area, noted that on that fateful day four little boys, including Oliver, who were of the same age, went out to play.

He indicated that the stray female pig was lying down with its piglets close to the spot where the little boys were playing.

The assembly man mentioned that curious Oliver picked one of the piglets, which started crying, thereby prompting its mother to get up.

Mr. Fianko noted that the other three little boys, on seeing the sow get up, took to their heels leaving Oliver who still had the piglet in his hands.

?So when the female pig saw Oliver holding one of the piglets, it attacked the little boy and chewed parts of his body including the breast, part of the neck, buttocks, the head and in-between his thighs.?

He pointed out that the little boy was later rescued and sent to the hospital where parts of his mutilated body were stitched.

According to him, the Tarkwa Municipal Assembly should partly be blamed for the unfortunate incident.

He alleged the assembly had refused to enforce the law on stray animals, let loose by their owners who have refused to provide them shelter.

He indicated that even though the owner of the pigs had been helping the parents of little Oliver with the payment of medical bills, he believed that the assembly should arrest and prosecute the pig owner.

He indicated that the victim was responding to treatment and commended the doctors at the Tarkwa hospital for saving the life of the little boy.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi


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