The signing of the Libyan Political Agreement is due to take place on Thursday, as agreed to by the Libyan political dialogue and as welcomed by the United Nations Security Council and by the ministerial meeting in Rome on Dec. 13, said Martin Kobler, head of UN Support Mission in Libya.

LibyanHe said that the UN encouraged all Libyan efforts to end the current divisions through inclusive dialogue, adding that he will continue to actively engage with all Libyans to that end.

He noted that a large number of Libyan participants and high-level international participants, including many foreign ministers, have committed to attend the signing ceremony.

Representatives of the international community at a Rome conference on Libya endorsed on Sunday a UN-backed deal aimed at bringing Libyan rival factions to a unity government.

The UN has sponsored dialogue sessions between Libyan rivals, in and outside Libya for more than a year, in order to end the country’s political division. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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