early childhood educational centerNene Joseph Nagae, who is also the chief farmer of the area, asked parents to show commitment to their children?s education to help redeem the falling standard of education in their communities.

The Dade Mantse, who is popularly known by the people as ?Red?, was interacting with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Abenabo, on the need for the youth to take over farming activities from the aged.
According to him, the initial moral training of the youth was fundamentally the duty of parents before opinion leaders also contributed their part to polish them up.
Nene Nagai said it was equally the duty of parents to set the pace for the general training of their school-going children before teachers help enhance the virtues already acquired by the children at home..
?That role, according to him, should not be relinquished to the school or community, otherwise, they would fall victims to child or youth delinquency or other related vices.
Nene Nagae pointed out that most of the ?cocoa trees in the area were old and their farmers were also old feeble and to work hard to increase productivity.
However, because the youth had no farming skills, they were reluctant to take over from them..
He said he was aware that the development and empowerment of unskilled youth had been of great concern to the Government, as well because the youth were the future leaders of the country.
The chief farmer urged the business community and churches to help provide skill training to people in the deprived areas and not to seek only their interests.


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