Title: Parenting: Raising Godly Seed

No. of Pages 200

No. of Chapters: 12

Author: Pas Jones Boakye

Publisher: MultiPixel Limited, Ghana

Year of Publication:2014

The author of the book is very succinct when he alludes to the fact that the success of every child depends on Godly parenting.

It is a timely publication that consolidates and makes available existing information and results of divinely inspired revelation on parenting in Ghana and the world at large.

The topic was carefully chosen to highlight the importance of Godly parenting nuggets which enlighten them to know how God in his own divine wisdom gave parents the required strength and ability to discharge their responsibility to his (God?s) purpose.

It also reminds parents that they are caretakers of their children and will one day give account of them.

The following chapters talk about the need for parents to give their children a few minutes of their time.

The book also highlights the Biblical methods of parenting with special emphasis on the good, the bad and the ugly sides, citing God as the perfect example of a Father to his children and how He wants parents to train children in his own way.

The concluding chapters bring to the fore why couples must understand the oneness and one family concept without which it will be difficult for society to raise Godly children.

Above all, this book has the appropriate biblical supporting materials that parents need in the up-bringing of their children in this computer age.

This divinely inspired book is a companion to all parents, young and old and a must for every home.

If you would like copies of this wonderful book, you can contact the author at [email protected]

BY Frank Muzzu


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