Wpid Fibre Optics
Telecoms Suffered A Rise In Cable Cuts Of 2,110

Paratus Telecom, the largest privately owned Pan African telecoms operator, has invested more than R20m in its fibre network in Windhoek and is fast expanding.

As part of its fibre expansion programme, Paratus Telecom plans to invest a total of more than R150m on infrastructure in Namibia over the next three years of which R100m will be invested in fibre infrastructure.

Paratus has already installed 100 kilometres of fibre and the entire solution is an end-to-end solution from Paratus Telecom, completely independent of any third-party infrastructure. This includes metro services for larger organisations and GPon FTTx for consumers and small businesses in Windhoek and Katima Mulilo.

With fibre, Paratus Telecom provides the fastest and most reliable broadband internet technology for home or office. FTTx is more than a hundred times faster than traditional technologies like copper networks or wireless services and at the same time offers highly consistent speeds.

Paratus Telecoms Group CEO Barney Harmse points to Finkenstein estate, East of Windhoek, as one of their first successes where connected residents now enjoy this world-class connectivity. “Finkenstein Manor and Finkenstein Village have partnered with us to create the first ever Namibian digital village, providing each and every home owner with a gateway to the digital age.”

“We have already started to deploy fibre to 550 homes, but the fibre infrastructure will eventually be deployed to more than 1000 homes and will provide an all-inclusive turn-key service solution to residents,” he adds.

He believes this is the first FTTH deployment in Africa for a privately owned Pan-African operator, built on own infrastructure. “Customers will now be able to enjoy endless value-added broadband services and connectivity solutions over a state-of-the-art fibre optic network.”

If you are looking for incredible speeds enabling everyone at your home to browse, watch, listen, download, skype, chat, play at the same time with fewer interruptions, FTTx from Paratus Telecom is your way to go! Especially for voice and video, where an extremely low loading delay is desirable, FTTx is the perfect solution.