The former legislator of Ejura, Mohammed Pangabu is an unadulterated fraudster, a wicked tyranny, a mini dictator, a corrupt office servant and a political tyrannosaurus rex omnivore. His rise and shine in politics has been a big heavy unbearable blow to the development of Ejura, and I say, anyone who challenges this, is a hypocritical mole at best. His active involvement in different shape and forms of corruption speak volumes and/or explained why he should has been behind bars by now.

The ‘Busanga’ tyke, like the biblical description of the lucifer, came to steal and destroy, he is enslaved to thoughtless political mediocrity that everything apart from his personal gains is not worth pursuing. How did he get in here(politics) in the first place??? Biographically, I learned that, he was the A1 farmer in Ejura and per ?his financial status at the time, he was given the NDC party chairmanship position, and from this fortunate and misfortune portfolio, he began his monstrous plot and maneuvers, inciting and conniving with people to caused macabre atrocities which finally push him over to fall on the honorable position of MP for the area.
As wicked as wounded gladiator and ruthless like an ancient sidhe, he turned the position he swore to served peoples interest to a reputable business entity and ripping all dividends to himself comfortably.

This is a man whose eight(8) solid uninterrupted years of MPship has nothing good to show unless wanton and madcap spending of projects money, misplaced priorities, emergence of all sorts of characters, from near saints to near Satan, factionalism and divisions, unprecedented burden on the youth and unreasonably increased in illiteracy rate.
This is the man, who would use frustrated youth and activists as decoy and conduit to obtained what he needs and careless about the implications. He owes LESDEP a microcosm amount of 700millionGH, a chips compound project 27millionGH(with some charlatans jeans wearing extravagant,irresponsible gluttons who hooves around the unresourced hospital of Ejura as health directorate), he owes rural electrification project a huge amount of 50millionGH and the almighty youth in Agriculture project and exceedingly great amount ranging from 1billion to 10billionGH(all inclusive: cash,materials and machinery)
Therefore in simple arithmetic terms, I can say categorically that the MP would be left with/to nothing when he is forced to cough out all this scaring tax payers money.

We saw clearly that, during his term, he exhibited sheer uppity and claimed overwhelmed authority from MP to contractor, through to MCE and even controls the accounts officer at the assembly. He monopolizes wisdom to himself alone like the ‘Kwaku Ananse’ in many traditional old stories. One man thousand. He became and upstart and seemingly unstoppable, spends tax payers money with impunity and boldness.
This man should have lower the height of his band wall in utter disgrace and excuse as his tomfoolery for not being able to initiate a common clean up exercise in the area. I am sure the cause of his recent barking and howling is because of perceived loss of political relevance. His ‘rasion detre at parliament which he never visited was to steal professionally but vacuously the people of Ejura what is due them. This man has drag Ejura to unidentified abyss and until we get a determined and hard working dedicated, intellectual even MP, we shall stuck here for a long time.

This twerp MP is full of evil motives if not,explain to the IMAGINATION CORPARATION
1. Why was did he support Martha instead of Rafiu?
2. Why the feud with Hon. Bawa??
3.Why no single project at his time???
4.Why has he started sponsoring executives for 2016???
Umpteen and unalterable questions which he knows subconsciously. We shall be urbane until cancerous leaders and followers are wiped away and their shadows and foot prints covered.

From Elliasu Tanko


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