Panasonic Corporation will kick off the New Year with the “2015 International Consumer Electronics Show” (CES 2015) to be held from January 6 to 9, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Panasonic will showcase innovative solutions in 3 zones – “Consumer Products,” “B2B Solutions,” and “Automotive/Devices” – under the theme, “A Better Life, A Better World.” These solutions will include home appliances, as well as ideas for automobiles and businesses. Moreover, “Panasonic LIVE @ CES 2015” will introduce these products and solutions and more live from the booth each day during the exhibition, so please stay tuned.
Booth Highlights Visitors will be able to get a glimpse of the lifestyle for the near future Panasonic proposes with home appliances that blend into the stylish interior decor. 4K LED screens, home monitoring (security), built-in kitchen, as well as the interactive mirror, which lets users virtually try on different make-up and beards, will be on showcase. In the “Product Hands On” area, visitors will be able to experience Panasonic’s latest products like the 4K VIERA TVs, and there will also be a demonstration of the Slow Juicer, a popular product among health-conscious consumers. There will also be a men’s grooming area, where visitors will be able to test out new shavers and trimmers.

Adventure: In this area, Panasonic will introduce products that are great for outdoor activities like 4K wearable camcorder and waterproof cameras in an exciting environment. Visitors will be able to try shooting with these products.

Imaging: In addition to 4K camcorders and twin camera compatible camcorders, visitors will also be able to try LUMIX cameras equipped with the “4K Photo” function, which enables users to capture one-of-a-kind, memorable still photos from 4K videos, as well as a wide range of semi-professional 4K products.
Technics: Here, a conceptual video will introduce the revival of the Technics brand. And in the demonstration to be organized at the Venetian Hotel, visitors will be able to experience its rich and premium sound quality.
BtoB Solutions: Here, Panasonic will introduce solutions for retail stores like noise cancelling microphones and next generation projectors. Panasonic is also proposing signage solutions that take advantage of latest technologies like light ID.

Avionics: Visitors will also be able to see how Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment systems and airline lounge solutions are helping its partners.
Automotive: In addition to the newly evolved Internet radio service, Panasonic will showcase actual automobiles equipped with latest automotive solutions that connect to smart phones and music players. These solutions can also be operated by voice.

Green Mobility: Panasonic’s unique lithium-ion battery technology has been contributing to green mobility. Electronic vehicles (EV) and some other lithium-ion equipped vehicles will be showcased.



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