Professor D. D Kuupole (Right) Exchanging Documents With Prof Osei

Professor D. D Kuupole (Right) Exchanging Documents With Prof Osei

The Pan African Christian University College ( PACUC) has officially signed an affiliation contract and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University Of Cape Coast (UCC) to continue as its training provider.

Almost a decade, UCC has been at the forefront of providing programmes affiliation to PACUC. Under the MoU, the UCC would be responsible for the certification of students of the PACUC and to ensure that standards are maintained.

Contents of the agreement document were on quality assurance issues regarding students? intake, academic progression, examinations and institutional quality.

Also contained in the documents were obligations of both mentor and mentee institutions.

The agreement also endorses the fact that PACUC would like to continue its long term relationship with UCC and the value that it places on the engagement.

The Pomadze-Winneba junction based first private university college runs programmes leading to the award of a Bachelor?s Degree in Accountancy, Marketing Management, Banking and Finance, Human Resource, Biblical Studies.

Professor D. D Kuupole, Vice Chancellor of UCC, signed on behalf of UCC and speaking at the event, he said that the documents were meant to strengthen the partnership that exist between the institutions and also emphasize standards that must be met for the benefit of the students and the communities they serve.

Prof. Kuupole said he has outlined a detailed schedule visits to all UCC affiliation institutions, and gave the assurance that this would enable him (Prof Kuupole) to have interactions with them on issues of common interest , and also get to know their concerns in running universities and colleges as well as managing affiliation.

He stated that this would offer him the chance to have firsthand interactions with them on issues of common interest and also get to know their concerns in running their universities and colleges as well as managing the demands of affiliation.

The President of PACUC, Prof Kwame Osei Safo who signed for the college, thanked the University of Cape Coast for continuing the affiliation status to the college.

Prof Osei Safo lamented the stiff competition being faced by private universities for student intake. He also said that, due to high cost of maintaining students, staff and institutional facilities, the private universities are compelled to charge fees commiserate to these obligations.

According to Prof Osei Safo these have affected the public?s interest in accessing higher education from the private tertiary institutions.

He however stated that as a caring Christian institution, PACUC offers percentage scholarship to deserving students who apply for it.

Prof Osei Safo identified strengths of PACUC as, its serene and well planned location, well qualified and experienced faculty, flexible fee payment plan and smaller classes that allow enhanced interaction between lectures and their students.

Present at the event were the Registrar of the PACUC, Mrs. Matilda Akwaa-Mensah, Mr. Jeff Teye Onyame, Deputy Registar of Academic Affairs (UCC), Rev Prof B. A Ntreh- Chairman of Committee on Institutional Affiliation (UCC).

The rest are Mr. Justice Boateng-Member of Committee on Institutional Affiliation (UCC), Mr Fredrick Attbra ?Head of Business School (PACUC) and Mr Abedu Bentsi ?Finance Officer (PACUC).

Source: Raphael Apetorgbor.


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